Working to increase awareness of Dementia

Holly Road Supportive Care Centre has been active in promoting improved care and support for people living with Dementia in and around Uttoxeter. We are proud to host regular Dementia Friends information Sessions, a nationally recognised scheme to raise awareness of dementia.

Dementia Friends sessions give people the chance to learn more about dementia and the

Emily Pardoe-Billings delivering a Dementia Friends session at our Dementia Support Showcase in September 2016

little things we can all do as individuals to help support people living with the condition. These basic awareness sessions can help build dementia friendly communities where people feel that little bit more understood by those around them. They are relaxed, informal and help to dispel some of the myths around the condition. Emily Pardoe- Billings, Dementia Support Worker at St Giles Hospice hosts the sessions at Holly Road Supportive Care Centre says “These sessions are good for Uttoxeter as we work towards becoming more dementia aware” The Dementia Friends initiative is an important part our aim to make Uttoxeter a compassionate community. Our next Dementia Friends session is on Tuesday 18th April at 10am.



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